Hader Abdelraof

Advanced Analytics Lead /

I graduated from GUC Business informatics , worked as a data scientist in Teradata for 6 years where I worked to different industries telecom and governmental. I will always be proud of having even a tiny fingerprint on how our government uses data to serve citizens better. I then started a new challenge in Cassbana as a senior data scientist a year ago and now I work as an advanced analytics lead. I have always loved working with data, how we ‘data people’ can help organizations whatever its size to go forward and affect the lives of others hopefully to the better, blows my mind. As I always look for the message and impact I am leaving I love working at Cassbana as from day one the motivation of the company and vision is to help and provide unbanked people with financial services to be able to lead a better life.

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a day in a life of data scientist (cassbana)
Career 180 Platform 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM , Friday 18-Mar