Hany O.Soliman

General Manager At PayTaps EgyptTech /

Hany Soliman is equipped with 17 years of diversified experience in business development and strategic management serving SMEs and entrepreneurs in several countries and across different sectors; Banking, document management, telecom and more recently, fintech. Hany used to head CIB’s Innovation & Digital Strategic Alliance department where he was responsible for building the digital business value proposition and articulating the strategy to serve the unbanked segment through mobile products and payment solutions to achieve financial inclusion. He also worked to support startups and the entrepreneurship ecosystem to complement the Innovation department’s business proposition. This led to CIB being positioned as the FinTech hub in the Egyptian market. Earlier Hany led the Business Banking Development for CIB, serving and supporting SMEs starting by setting a differentiated business model and introducing different financial and non-financial solutions to the SME market with a focus on positioning Business Banking as one of the best SME service providers. Throughout his career, Hany has participated in many strategic initiatives and programs as an advisor and mentor to SMEs and entrepreneurs on how to benefit from banking services and have access to finance at different stages of their lifecycle along with angel investment activities that got him deeply engaged with several startups in the market. His knowledge is backed by an ICFA from the Chartered Institution for Securities and Investment in London and an MBA from Phoenix University. In his current role, Hany leads -MENA’s award winning fintech solution provider -PayTabs, Egyptian operations. When not at work or reading, Hany spends time with family and is father to a 3-year-old. His typical hobbies include diving, with a 600+ logged dives, hiking and safaris. Keeping up with the need for speed in today’s fast paced world, Hany was also one of the ten founders of a Motorcycle Club in Cairo called El-Rakeeba.ConfirmedDoneDone

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